Wow! thanks so much Natalie and the crew for the awesome cruise! Everyone had a fantastic time and were really impressed. It was definitely a hen's night to remember!

Haley's Hen Do

About Us

To make this a special experience for everyone


Our People

We, Noel and Natalie Reeve, the new owner operators of 'The Spirit' recently returned from a 7 year world circumnavigation in our 43 foot home built yacht.

After living aboard Kyrie for 14 years we decided it was time to do something different.This is it. Although we had decided to have a break from boats this wonderful opportunity came along so here we are.

Now we hope to build the business so the people of Tauranga and visitors alike can enjoy the harbour and share some of our numerous experiences. Noel is your skipper and engineer and Natalie your contact person, host ,and bar manager.

Update April 2013: We have now been operating for 4 years and are thrilled with the outcome of our hard work, enthusiam and dedication into turning this business into what it is today.


  The Spirit : Our new launch

'The Spirit' is a 46 foot twin engine launch with twin jets and is surveyed for 80 passengers. For many years she has ferried locals and visitors across the harbour from Salisbury Wharf to The Strand. She also cruised the harbour with groups enjoying the harbour lit up at night.

Recently she was revamped and a new business was born "Luv Boat Ferry Cruises Ltd" trading under 'Luv Boat II'


Kyrie : Our past

43 foot Okell (Built by Noel & launched in 1980)

Hi, having circumnavigated the world in our 43 foot yacht from 2002 - 2008 my husband and I are now back home in beautiful New Zealand.

A wonderful experience for sure.We would like to share with you the highs and lows of cruising and introduce you to some of the most interesting characters we were fortunate enough to meet.

Naturally we had some scary moments but there was a balance and some of the beautiful peaceful anchorages certainly hold fond memories for us.